Why to host a corporate family day event ?

"Showing your people that you respect and value them goes a long way toward securing their loyalty. One way to do that is to simply treat them to a company family day."
Corporate Family days are a great way for employees and clients to relax and enjoy a day out with their families while bonding with their collogues in a casual environment.

More and more companies are realizing how important it is to include the employees families when celebrating a year's good work. A corporate family day shows you are more than staff, you are a team, you are friends, you are family.

Top Ten Tips To Organize A Family Day Event

If you are looking to inspire, thank or just completely wow your employees, a company family fun day corporate event is the best option.

If you are planning to organize a corporate family day event, hiring Best Family Day Event Planner is the best idea. And if you are planning to manage this by your own with the help of your team, here are top 10 tips to organize a successful corporate family day event.

1. Finalize A Good Venue

How to organize A Family Day Event
Having a good venue for your event is like winning a half battle. Before finalizing your venue, make it sure that it should have an adequate grass area for outdoor activities plus a indoor area for stage arena & buffet. A mix of both indoor & outdoor is best choice. Rest all depends on selected theme or activities. And don't forget to check the parking space, hygiene of utilities, furniture linens etc. Of course, you must also check food & beverages options. If possible discuss the briefs with the chef and once everything seems fine, go ahead and book the venue. We can also help you to finalize venue for your event, you may ask for our free Venue Suggestion Services.

2. Plan Your Event In Detail, Make A Site Plan

From Thought To Finish, From Design To Delivery, you need to have a plan. A site plan checklist is very important for any event planning . Try to involve all key stakeholder in the planning process to ensure they are engaged and aware of what is happening, when and why. It should include ..
  • • Event Coordination Center At The Venue
  • • First Aid Desk / Ambulance With Paramedical Staff
  • • Security & Safety desk
  • • Fire Equipments / Emergency Access Routes / Assembly Area
  • • Toilet Blocks / Rubbish Bins
  • • Restricted Areas
  • • Vehicle Access Routes / Parking Site
  • • Game Zone
  • • Stage locations / Entertainment sites / Green Room Facilities
  • • Food & Beverages counters
  • • Lost & Found Help Desk
  • • Prize / Gift Hampers & Souvenir Collection Desk

3. Select Family Day Theme

Family Day Theme Ideas
Adding a theme to your event is always a brilliant idea. It sets a tone & mood for the event before the actual event. Plus this is an opportunity for the organizer to centralized whole idea to organize a corporate family day event without going out of sync. Many new & innovative theme options are available for this purpose, please check our Family Day Theme Options.

4. Organize Exciting "Win A Prize" Funfair Games

Who don't like to win? And when winning is coming by playing interesting games, this is super exciting. Plan some exciting" Funfair Games Booths". Plan according to age group, i.e. you must have games for kids and games for the teenagers and games for the seniors. For the prize, you may have small goodies bag or stuff toy or chocolate or any other family utility as per your budget. We are the leading family day event planner. We have hundreds of ideas for the same and can help you set up Fun Fair Stalls.

5. Plan Team Bonding Fun Activities

Fun Activities for family Day Event, Team Bonding In Delhi Gurgaon NCR
Team bonding activities are absolute winner in this format of event. Take a extra precaution to select activities suitable to mix age group like Family Tambola, Fun Olympics, Karaoke Challenge etc. Also keep in mind purpose of these team bonding activities. All these should be fun activities.. and no hard core team building please. Ask For Suggestions.

6. Make Your Event Amazing & Fantastic

Let your guests find amazing experiences at every point, let them move freely, let them engage themselves. Plan random street food carts, plan engagement zones like face painting, tattoo corner, wax hands, mehndi stalls, caricature zone etc. To add more fun try to accommodate party clowns, circus characters or jugglers.

7. Plan Something For All Age Group

Photobooth Ideas for family Day Event Delhi Gurgaon NCR
Don’t forget to plan something for all age group and for all sizes of families. You would be having infants, kids, growing up kids, teenagers, singles, married couples, big families...so plan accordingly, nobody should left out. Photo Booth for instance appeals to everybody and really a value add to a Family Day Event.

8. Plan Stage Arena, Special Acts & Entertainment

Music, of course is the biggest entertainment value in any event. Plan a dedicated stage arena with live performances. It could be employees performances, kids talent show, emcee powered games, couple games, special acts, live bands or a DJ. Idea is to have all of them in front of stage, to make them dance and to send them back with tired feet.

9. Plan Safe & Green Corporate Environment

Safety for family Day Event Delhi Gurgaon NCR
Always ensure your guests safety. This is number one concern. Ensure Job safety analysis is done with the vendors & suppliers.
› In this post covid era, take utmost safety, sanitization and social distancing care.
› Always have a first aid help desk with para-medical staff on site, fully equipped for any situation. Having additional fire-fighting & evacuation team is also advisable.
› Try to use bio-degradable utilities. i.e. avoid plastic disposables, avoid thermocol props, avoid flex for branding etc.
› Ensure minimum wastage of food. Make sure you leave the venue clean.

10. Hire A Professional Event Manager

Decide what you are actually planning for the event day? If you want to spend time with your guests or employees or with their families, you should hire a Professional Family Day Event Planner and enjoy your day at the fullest.