If you are looking to amaze your guests with most innovative event ideas, you must be looking for top ideas to plan an awesome corporate event? And having a quirky corporate photo booth at your event is one of them.
If you’re looking for ways to entertain your event guests, consider a engaging photo booth. Your guests will love posing for fun snaps, and they can take the pictures away with them as a cute alternative to event favors.

Photo booth is a most engaging idea for organising corporate event. These days when taking selfies is a rage, everybody looks for a perfect background. We are the leading event management company in Delhi and are known for creating beautiful instagrammable corporate photo booth & selfie booths.

Top Eight Ideas For Corporate Photo Booth

In our this blog. we have compiled top ideas to plan an awesome corporate event for your ready reference. Here in this blog post, please find top tips for engaging and attractive Ideas for Corporate Photo Booth

1. Hanging Photo Frames

Ideas for corporate photo booth
A hanging frame photo booth certainly wins many points. It’s simple, easy to make, and it looks amazing. You can either use open back picture frames, or make your own with poster boards.

Get creative and decorate your frames to go with your party theme! You can paint the frames, wrap fabric or crepe paper around it, or glue flower decorations to make them look more lively.

These hanging frames corporate photo booths are ideal for annual parties, gala dinner and other corporate celebrations.

2. Paper Rosette Backdrop

Top Photo booth Ideas
If you are organizing a day time event celebration with families and kids like family day events or employees day out, then paper rosette photo booth are ideal selection.

Creating a DIY paper rosette booth is simple and straightforward process. Paper, hot glue gun, and scissors are all you need. The rest is about folding and sticking the paper together. These days even readymade paper rosette are available in all party shops.

Useful Tip: Include various colors and sizes to make it interesting. Also, use as many collage making ideas as you can to combine photos afterward.

3. Themed Set up

Theme based Photo booth Ideas
If your event is a theme event then having a themed photo booth complimenting the theme of the event is a brilliant idea. As if your theme is superhero, then a superhero theme backdrop having theme based props is an excellent execution of event idea.

Props are important part of any photo booth and for theme based photo booth they are extremely important. regular mustaches and lips won't do if you are planning a rock star theme photo booth, you would need guitar, long hair wigs and artificial tattoo etc.

4. Red Carpet Photo Booth

Red Carpet Photo Booth Idea
Give your customer a celebrity experience, plan a red carpet themed photo booth. Everyone loves to walk red carpet flooding with flash lights and paparazzi. Red carpet themed photo booth are ideal for awards night, gala dinners and R&R ceremonies.

Another beautiful feature for red carpet photo booth is an opportunity for extensive event branding for the corporate and the sponsors. You may beautify your red carpet photo booth with paparazzi cutouts .

5. Hashtag Installation

Selfie Photo Booth Ideas
Hashtag photo booths are the great way of promoting your brand as in every frame your brand is always there. Hashtag corporate photo booths are of two types - one is having a huge wooden or acrylic hashtag as the main prop in your photobooth frame and second is having multiple hashtag placards.

There is always an opportunity to propagate your brands and new product launch and gurilla marketing campaigns through these placards. #annualdayevent #latesttrendintown #newversionwithlatestfeatures #pawrihorahihai #newarrival are some sample hashtags for your hashtag photo booth.

6. Neon Light Installation

Photo Booth Installation
Neon light installations are the great way to add flamboyancy to your event. Just simple installation of neon bar lights or MI lights, you can create multi tone colored effect.

It's a fantastic way to pull crowd to your photo booth . You may also compliment your other decor elements like stage unit or bar setup with same lights which gives your venue ambiance a vibrant look. These neon installations are ideal for gala dinner, annual functions, awards night, theme parties and product launches.

7. Anti Gravity Booth

Corporate Photo booth on rent
Imagine to turn your world upside down ! plan an anti gravity photo booth for your event. You can have a built room set up with chairs and props fixed inside - upside down. When your guests are standing on the walls and ceiling, this create lots of laugh and fun.

Anti gravity photo booths are an eye-catching installation and very unique for corporate events where especially relatively young audience are expected. People are always enticed to click pictures in this unique setup.

8. Green Screen Effect

Green Screen Chroma Key Backdrop
Green Screen Photo Booth are ideal to take your imagination for a world tour. In this simple and savvy technique, Guests are clicked in front of a green screen for chroma effect and immediately they can choose the back ground behind them . And AI chroma key automatically replace a green background with a custom background using state of the art Green Screen technology.

Green screen lets your guest have one or more branded or “far-out” backgrounds without the expense, time, and logistics of having a custom backdrops printed and shipped.
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