If you keep organizing events for your company, year after years, you may run out of ideas. But at Showmakerz, we keep suggesting and experimenting with innovative ideas so that we can always deliver fresh and exciting events

An event design & decoration is the most noticeable element from the moment your guests enter the event venue. Before the other meaningful contents of an event, event decor is the most responsible element which can make or spoil your event from the starting. Here we present you top ten ideas for event design & decoration for corporate events

Top Ten Event Design & Decoration Ideas

1. Creative Layout

event design & decor ideas
Utilizing the best optimum use of your event space is the best design idea for any event.
When you go into your venue for the first time, try to brainstorm creative ideas on how the space can be best utilized. Sometimes the conventional layouts leave a lot to be desired and with a little creativity you can greatly improve the design of your event.

Something as small as moving the tables into a unique shape, or using a stage or riser in a creative way can draw your audience's attention and set your event apart from the rest.

Providing a variety of spaces, such as traditional tables and high tops along with more casual seating such as couches gives your guests options and provide many different areas to have conversations and enjoy the event.

2. Grand Entrance

event design & decor ideas
It’s important to start your event off on the right foot. You want your attendees to be excited and impressed from the very first moment they arrive.
Your attendees first impression will set the tone for the rest of the event. With the grand entrances, you can make that impression a great one and start your event off on the right foot!

Always be sure your event entrance matches the theme and tone of your event. There are so many grand entrance ideas, but it’s key that you match your event style. If you are having a tech conference an all floral entryway may not make as much sense as an well branded LED lit pathway.

Similarly, If it’s a smaller low key event, then a red carpet might not be your best bet. Always think of your overall theme and match your guest expectations with the purpose of event.

3. Unique sitting

unique furniture for events
Arranging sitting in an unique way is an opportunity to create lot of space and ease for the guests. Statement seating according to event format is very much desirable. Mix sittings as square dining tables for dining areas , plenty of bar tables for drinks and food plates, modular furniture such as lounge sofas and bean bags to fit any patio, lawn or pool deck.

Though the thumb rule for Indian wedding ceremonies is to have sitting around forty percent of total expected numbers of guests but for corporate events always be sure to have more than enough sitting for guests to casually network while they eat and drink. Guests should never have to wander, wanting for a place to settle.

4. Color Palette

Color palettte for event design and decoration for corporte event
Colors are everywhere and obviously are the most important visual stimuli. Contrast to other creative elements for corporate event design and decoration , choice of color palette is the most important.
Though the choice of colors is always personal but still you can finalize a color palette for event as per the venue ambiance, event's format and client's brand guidelines.

Like if clients brand color is blue and this is a conference - you can plan the entire set up in the tone of ice blue and white to make the venue look more spacious and calm. Don't forget to highlight important units like registration desk with the exact client's blue.

And if you are planning awards night event for the same client, you may go towards more vibrant colors from the same color palette like electric blue, neon blue or for a contrast may use purple. But be careful of using dark colors for indoor venue or a small venue as they make your venue look poorly lit and congested.

5. Incorporate Natural Elements

eco friendly design and decoration for corporate events
Everyone like to be in a breathable space and bringing nature in your venue space is a brilliant idea for event design and decoration. Decorate your space with the items you generally find in nature like tree stumps, natural wood tableware, event planters, flowers etc. and these days wooden plank furniture and food installations are much in trends.

Decoration for events, beside being classy and attractive should also focus on the aspect of being eco-friendly. Usage of ecological materials in event production create a timelessness, clean, and smart aesthetic, where simplicity gets over accumulation.

6. Table Decoration & Linens

table decoration for corporte events
Table decoration for events is the area where you can be creative and classy without allocating much budget for this. From attractive centerpieces to wooden tableware to event branded napkins, options are many in this small area.

Choose table linens and chair sashes as per mood and color palette of event. And this small wise choice can take your event to the next level. If you are using ceiling drapes anywhere in the event space, try to have table runner from the same fabric.

For a gala dinner or awards night kind flamboyant events, you may use sequins table runner which is very much in trend these days.

7. Stage Unit And Backdrop

stage and backdrop design and decoration for corporte event
Stage set up is the most noticeable and inevitable element in almost every format of corporate event. Infect even if venue space or audience is limited even though a backdrop is required like shopping mall's brand pop up counters.

A stage is simply a raised platform, which will stay in focus for almost 70 percent of total event time. Event stage is an opportunity of accommodating event statement via event backdrop. And simultaneously this is a challenge to design an event stage and backdrop that will convey the event message and hold all the elements of audio visuals.

Event backdrop need to be in sync of complete event style and yet need to be distinctive at every installation point like stage backdrop, registration backdrop, help desk backdrop, photo booth backdrop.

8. Photo Booth

photo booth design and decoration for corporte event
We live in social media world, where everyone love taking photos and selfies and people always look for perfect backdrop for instagramable photos
Always plan a photo booth for corporate events at a place accessible easily in an event space. If you are expecting large number of guests, plan two-three photo booths at different points to avoid long queues. Of course, every photo booth should have a distinct design.

Photo booth is an engaging experience and gives people an opportunity to interact and group photos. And if planned well, this could be a great marketing tool for social media marketing via event hashtags.

In this digital age, you may plan an augmented reality driven photo booth or green screen photo booth or instant printing photo souvenir photo booth . If you are looking for more ideas for corporate photo booth, you may call us for photo booth on hire.

9. Expert Lighting

Corporate event design and decoration Ideas
Lighting is an extremely important part of the event and can completely overhaul the look and feel of your event. Lighting creates the mood and ambiance of the event. May be you are very well in event designs and decoration and have used best of the props but a bad lighting can spoil the entire set up.
We may divide lighting into two parts, one is stage lighting and second is ambiance lighting.
For a conference set up, stage lighting should be very sober with a profile light for speaker and should not have any flickering effect. Whereas for a musical event we need different set of stage lighting with lots of programmable effects. For event ambiance, lighting in a conference should be good enough to take notes but should not be so bright that it distracts from the presentation onstage.

Event lighting is a specialized job as different element may need different moods and intensity of the light. For example a photo booth require lighting that should not be creating burnt out faces or shadows meanwhile should highlight the background. Hiring a specialized light engineer is always a best choice for planning lighting for corporate events.

10. Go Digital

event design and decoration for corporte event
Everything is going digital, especially after covid pandemic, everybody have understood the power of digital world. Incorporating a dash of technology by going digital for your next event is a brilliant idea. Event designing and decoration for corporate events is not only about the visual look and presentation, it also need to cover the user experience. Digital technology can help event planner in many ways. They may use social media wall, digital standees, digital photo booth or VR games, depending on the event format, scope and allocated budget.
If you are looking for more ideas for event styling you may hire us to style, design and decorate your next corporate event.