Why Employees Conference ?

Organizing employees conference is surely a brilliant tool for employee engagement . This is an opportunity for employees to find out how their company fits into the larger industry, gain insights company's core values and pick the brains of some of the business world’s best and brightest.

Instead of just simply holding a meeting for the staff and trying to motivate them, company instead have the opportunity to take them to a nice venue and reward them. It is beneficial to get staff away from the normal office routine and the normal stress of work and this helps them relax while building teamwork at the same time. Bringing in some activities that can help them to absorb information while sharing and bonding with other staff members is another brilliant idea for the employees conference.

Bringing in a motivational speaker is a best practice to engage them effectively. A new voice will be more engaging than your own and the audience will more likely pay attention to the fresh presenter with different views , ideas. and approach.

Quality Unplugged

This is a series of employees conferences by Aristocrat Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which they hold regularly to interact with their core designing team about the quality of their services. Being a leading developer of gaming software globally, they are very much concerned about the quality of their product and regularly holding these conferences for their employees.

This year they have planned to hold this session with a motivational speaker. And Ms Priya Kumar was finalized for the same and just to add some lighter moments standup comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia was also finalized.







Employees Conference Organizer

The day started well on time and main coordinator of quality unplugged, Mayank Masand started the program with welcome note. He set the tone of the event and agenda of the event craftily with his brief speech. He then invited leadership team to share their view points. After few brief speeches and QA session, it was a time to call on stage Ms Priya Kumar, which everybody was eagerly waiting for.

Session By Motivational Speaker Priya Kumar

Employees Conference Organizer

Well known corporate speaker Priya Kumar has been called upon to motivate, empower and drive employees towards excellence, peak performance and qualitative performance. And she delivered beyond expectations. Her session was full of energy and positive vibes. She had prepared the contents according to the theme of the conference and delivered everything with ease.

Her board breaking session was incredible. With no formal training in Martial Arts or Karate, imagine if you were to break karate boards with your hands. If you can do with a three-minute training process that experts take months to master, what can you then not do?
This was a high adrenaline rush session. Everybody was feeling more power within after this session and was charged to full optimism level. Message of the conference was effectively delivered as she managed to connect quality with the other traits of the positive life.

Stand Up Act By Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Employees Conference Organizer

This session was completely a laugh riot. Jeeveshu brilliantly woven his whole act around the theme of the conference - Quality First. He was so comfortable with his first time audience that they were feeling him as one of their own colleague. In between his witty punches and one liners, he managed to convey the message of the evening with ease. He ended his session gracefully leaving behind many smiling faces.

And in the end , we had vote of thanks and small rewards & recognitions session. Overall it was a pleasant evening with lots of learning, motivation and positive energy